Know Where Your Adult Children Are?

Unfortunately, I know where mine is and wish I didn't.

Don't get me wrong I love my child, but come on!

He still stands outside the bathroom door [along with the dog and the cat] insisting on having conversations at the most inopportune moments.

And if some of yours are like mine, they camp out on your couch snoring at 12:00 in the afternoon. Or, they're down in our basements or in the bedroom that you "had"  planned to convert into a computer room -- blasting their and your eardrums with what they call music or, they're in our refrigerators -- eating everything that doesn't have anything greenish and hairy growing on its surface.

Now here I go with the "when I was" inane platitude: when I was their age I was either at school or at work or most importantly, living in my own home at this time of day.

Yet, there's an segment of today's society that has labeled these walking, talking, fertilized boomer eggs [our sweet and cuddly little boomettes] as "Echo-Boomers" 

Can you believe that! Echo-Boomers!

Just because they're our genetic and demographic off-spring. Sure they've got our genes and yes, quite a few of them are demographically and geographically close -- we just can't get rid of them.

They seem to be that damn piece of gum stuck on the bottom of a favorite shoe and refuses to come off.

60 Minutes says that our little Millennials, also known as Generation Y   are the most studied generations [ by sociologists, marketers, demographers]  in history. Why, because they're the ones who grew up in the information age and we  made life easy for our little munch-skins that's why.

60 Minutes went on to say:

Echo boomers are a reflection of the sweeping changes in American life over the past 20 years. They are the first to grow up with computers at home, in a 500-channel TV universe. They are multi-taskers with cell phones, music downloads, and Instant Messaging on the Internet. They are totally plugged- in citizens of a worldwide community.  READ MORE

500 -- channel TV universe! Are they serious! There are those of us who can't afford cable let alone any other contraption  -- what's with the 500 channels! That's unheard of in my house.

I'll reiterate -- they've probably only surveyed/studied upper echelon segment of Boomer society.  The segment that's:

  • White
  • Professional
  • Lives in Suburbia
  • Has 2 plus cars in their driveways
  • Had 2.5 children and a dog
  • Goes on vacation twice a year
  • Income level: 100K or more a year
These people and these surveys/studies are not representative of the whole of Boomer culture. What! Are the rest of us -- chopped liver!

Even so, the rest of us are just as guilty of making life easier for our kids. So easy in fact, that our Echo-Boomers [sometimes even their  progeny] can't and won't get off the bottom of our shoes.

Is it me, or can anyone else see how each generation's progress just might  be considered -- a tad bit sticky.

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