Baby Boomers Leading the Charge. . .

on relaxing views of Marijuana  use.

Are we surprised?

Not about Marijuana use in itself, but about Baby Boomers leading the charge to relax societal views about the drug.

From the Washington Post:

"There's gotten to be greater tolerance, that's for sure," said Lee, the son of one-time acting Maryland governor Blair Lee III. "I know literally hundreds of people my age who smoke. They are upright citizens, good parents who are holding down jobs. You take two or three puffs, and you're good to go. I'm not a Rastafarian; I don't treat this as some holy sacrament. But pot is fun."

Federal prosecutors will no longer go after medical users of Maryjayne in the thirteen states that have licensed Marijuana dispensaries. READ MORE

Who says Boomers aren't booming along. We're older but still rockin'.

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