Baby Boomers Leading the Charge. . .

on relaxing views of Marijuana  use.

Are we surprised?

Not about Marijuana use in itself, but about Baby Boomers leading the charge to relax societal views about the drug.

From the Washington Post:

"There's gotten to be greater tolerance, that's for sure," said Lee, the son of one-time acting Maryland governor Blair Lee III. "I know literally hundreds of people my age who smoke. They are upright citizens, good parents who are holding down jobs. You take two or three puffs, and you're good to go. I'm not a Rastafarian; I don't treat this as some holy sacrament. But pot is fun."

Federal prosecutors will no longer go after medical users of Maryjayne in the thirteen states that have licensed Marijuana dispensaries. READ MORE

Who says Boomers aren't booming along. We're older but still rockin'.

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What T.V Shows Were Your Favorite. . .

. . . during the 1960s?

For me, Bonanza ruled during the 60s. Ben, Adam, Hoss, Little Joe and later on towards the end of its run, Candy were my heroes. Sunday nights were the best night for me. I remember getting ready for bed early so I could be ready for lights out after I'd sit and watch Bonanza.

TV westerns were a big hit during the first half of the 60s. Bonanza, Wagon Train, Have Gun Will Travel, The Virginian, Rawhide and of course let's not forget Gunsmoke.

There was one western that didn't get much play, but I loved it anyway and that was Laredo.

Trivia question -- What soaps did Phillip Carey, Captain Parmalee [Laredo] and David Canary, Candy [Bonanza] play in some 40 odd years later?

And, still a spill from the 1950s Variety shows were a hit. In the 50s remember Ed Sullivan or Aurthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts?

During the 60s Variety shows were still big. Ed Sullivan seemed to run forever. I remember watching Elvis, and the Beatles. Later toward the end of the decade, a group of young Black Americans made their T.V debut: The Jackson 5.

What was better than Rowan and Martin's Laugh In or the Carol Burnett Show later on in the decade.

I especially liked Laugh In, although I didn't know or understand at that time, the show had an undercurrent of political activism -- slamming and poking fun at politicians and policies, all I knew was that it was funny.  

Still, who can forget Hazel, Perry Mason, Dr. Kildare, My Three Sons, Lassie, Dennis the Menace, Ben Casey, The Beverly Hillbillies, Lucy, Danny Thomas, Donna Reed, My favorite Martian, The Patty Duke Show, Bewitched, The Fugitive, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Leave it to Beaver, The Munsters, Gilligan's Island, Batman, The Green Hornet, Hogans Heroes, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, Daktari, Gomer Pyle, Lawrence Welk, The Dean Martin Show and many others.

During the 1960s, the time when Boomers were coming into their activist own, Star Trek, I Spy and Mission Impossible broke the Television color barrier and had Black Americans playing parts that weren't slaves, toilet cleaners, maids, or other house servants.

Star Trek had Lt. Uhura played by Nicelle Nicolas -- the Communications Officer of the Enterprise,  I Spy had Alexander Scott played by Bill Cosby -- Kelly Robinson's tennis trainer [secretly, they both were secret agents for the U.S government]  and Mission Impossible had Barnard "Barney" Collier played by Greg Morris -- Mechanical and Electronics genius.

No one can dispute the fact that the 1960 Baby Boomers broke ground in Music and Television and changed the face of our nation.

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60s Songs: Peace, Love, Civil Rights. . .

 The Beatles

The Supremes

One day you’ll be driving down the street listening to a radio station and "I love you yeah, yeah, yeah, I love you yeah, yeah, yeah" will croon from your radio Or, "stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart -- think it o-over" 

It could be a Beatles song or a Bob Dylan song or the Temptations that will  take you on a trip back to the days when your hair was long or  when you stood in front of your college’s admin building singing songs of protest.

Or you may have have marched  down some street and shouted “down with the establishment” or yelled “make love not war.”
Songs never die, they live on and on, wafting on the winds of time.

Yet these songs always seem to come back to remind us of how music has the power to change the landscape of culture or a lifestyle.

During the 60s:

The Beatles hit America and had girls screaming and tearing at their hair because “it’s been a long days night."

Bob Dylan knew that: “the answer my friend was blowin’ in the wind” 

Alice White knew that we had to : ”keep your eyes on the prize”

Charles Tindley knew that “we shall over come, some day”
More Protest Music

My fondest music memory was the Motown Sound. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. The Supremes, The Temptations, The Four Tops –- I could go on. They always sang about that one special person that they loved or wanted to love. Their songs seemed to make the listeners get all dreamy eyed and their hearts filled with hope.

More 60's Rock & Roll

But, today in this new millennium, the song that’s chasing it's tail through my mind: Edwin Star’s War -- “what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again!”

How well this still rings true.

**I feel like marchin'"**

Peace, Love and ? Which 60s...

...were you associated with.

The 60s were the Boomer's Activist hay day. Boomers made the establishment listen to what many of the "silent generation" were afraid to say.  

Woodstock was a 3 day festival of peace and music. Where many musicians and artists performed. At that time most of the music played were protests against the Viet Nam War and social injustice protests.

The Black Panthers and the Black Muslims were very vocal and active for civil rights. Many thought both groups were home grown terrorists

The Yippies: The Youth International Party. Yippies were more radicalized than the Hippies. They were covert with their actions.

Yippies created absurdist political manifestos suggesting incredible acts of civil disobedience .Like making the suggestion to put LSD into city water systems.

The Hippies: Where the flower children. They were 60s version of the beatniks. They believed in the Peace Love and Happiness motto. The Flower Children who believed in free love for everyone. They were more peaceful than the yippies but still rejected mainstream society.

Some of us, like me, were too young to be activists. We were still under the thumbs of the "silent generation"   You know, that meek generation whose motto was "take what you get, don't buck the system" 

Yes, I remember in 1968, I was 12. It was a Sunday morning and we were doing our usual Sunday thing,  going to see my Grandparents.

We lived in Akron, Ohio at the time. My grandparents lived down in the tiny burg of Waynesburg.

We had to go down Wooster Avenue, the then hot spot of the city, to get to where we were going.

The Civil Rights movement was in full swing. I remember as the car crawled down the avenue,  looking out of the car window and seeing buildings smoldering, cars turned over on their hoods, people hurling bricks at the police, who were out in full force. And how the police kept pushing the crowds back away from traffic.

I remember thinking what's all the fuss. Why are people so upset. My parents never spoke to my brother and me about politics and civil rights, they just kept quiet and went with the flow.

Then I remembered hearing about a man who had been shot and killed. A famous Black man by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. who only wanted for everyone in this country to get along.

It wasn't until I was up at Kent State that I heard he famous "I have a dream" speech. Oh, and what a speech it was. I still get chills when I hear it.   

In my child-like mind, I remembered thinking, "hurling bricks and turning over cars doesn't seem to peaceful to me."

That's one picture I vividly remember seeing in the 60s.

Years later when I understood about the 60s and knew that I was a baby boomer.  I grasped how the boomers just 4 or 5 years older than I, changed the face of America.

Some justice was  brought through civil disobedience, some through peaceful means. However it was done -- Student Boomers rocked America to her core and made changes for all her citizens better.

In the Boom Year 1956

Element: Water- you tend to see the world through feeling.
Stone: White, Opal, Jade, Pearl, Amethyst
Colors: Mauve, purple, aquamarine
Motto: I believe

Monkeys are intellectual and their memory is phenomenal. They recall the smallest details of everything they have seen,read, and heard. They must depend on that memory since they have an otherwise untidy mind. Monkeys are wizards with money. They are original, shrewd, and when they need to, they can fool anyone.

This is some information about the month and year of my birth and anyone else born March of 1956:

  • Chinese Monkey sign
  •  Pisces Sun sign
  • Elvis recorded "Heartbreak Hotel"
  • "My Fair Lady" opened in New York
  • Soaps "As The World Turns" and "The Edge of Night" first aired.
  • Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco
  • Jonas Salk's Polio vaccine was made public
  • Elvis first appeared on Ed Sullivan
  • Yankees Pitcher Don Larsen pitched the first and only perfect game during a World Series
  • The Wizard of Oz was first shown on television
American Economics

  • Inflation -- 1.52%
  • Cost of a new house: $11,700.00 :o
  • Average monthly rent: $88.00 :o
  • Average yearly wages: $4,450.00
  • Price of of $0.22 cents a GALLON!
  • Price of a new car $2,050.00
  • Price of Coffee $0.85lb
Popular Films

  • Guys and Dolls
  • The King and I
  • Trapeze 
  • High Society
  • Around the World in Eighty Days
Popular Musicians

  • Elvis Presley
  • Bill Haley and the Comets
  • Chuck Berry
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Dean Martin
  • Johnny Cash
  • Ella Fitzgerald


  • First hard disk was invented by IBM
  • Black and White portable T.V hits the market
  • Transatlantic Telephone Cable goes into operation
  • First videotape recorder from APEX goes on sale
  • Oral Vaccine developed by by Albert Sabin
  • Tefal starts producing non-stick frying pans


  • Dwight D Eisenhower (R)  defeated Adelai Stevenson (D) for United States Presidency

This is just a partial list of some facts I found interesting. No information on world events was added, but there was plenty going on.

Know Where Your Adult Children Are?

Unfortunately, I know where mine is and wish I didn't.

Don't get me wrong I love my child, but come on!

He still stands outside the bathroom door [along with the dog and the cat] insisting on having conversations at the most inopportune moments.

And if some of yours are like mine, they camp out on your couch snoring at 12:00 in the afternoon. Or, they're down in our basements or in the bedroom that you "had"  planned to convert into a computer room -- blasting their and your eardrums with what they call music or, they're in our refrigerators -- eating everything that doesn't have anything greenish and hairy growing on its surface.

Now here I go with the "when I was" inane platitude: when I was their age I was either at school or at work or most importantly, living in my own home at this time of day.

Yet, there's an segment of today's society that has labeled these walking, talking, fertilized boomer eggs [our sweet and cuddly little boomettes] as "Echo-Boomers" 

Can you believe that! Echo-Boomers!

Just because they're our genetic and demographic off-spring. Sure they've got our genes and yes, quite a few of them are demographically and geographically close -- we just can't get rid of them.

They seem to be that damn piece of gum stuck on the bottom of a favorite shoe and refuses to come off.

60 Minutes says that our little Millennials, also known as Generation Y   are the most studied generations [ by sociologists, marketers, demographers]  in history. Why, because they're the ones who grew up in the information age and we  made life easy for our little munch-skins that's why.

60 Minutes went on to say:

Echo boomers are a reflection of the sweeping changes in American life over the past 20 years. They are the first to grow up with computers at home, in a 500-channel TV universe. They are multi-taskers with cell phones, music downloads, and Instant Messaging on the Internet. They are totally plugged- in citizens of a worldwide community.  READ MORE

500 -- channel TV universe! Are they serious! There are those of us who can't afford cable let alone any other contraption  -- what's with the 500 channels! That's unheard of in my house.

I'll reiterate -- they've probably only surveyed/studied upper echelon segment of Boomer society.  The segment that's:

  • White
  • Professional
  • Lives in Suburbia
  • Has 2 plus cars in their driveways
  • Had 2.5 children and a dog
  • Goes on vacation twice a year
  • Income level: 100K or more a year
These people and these surveys/studies are not representative of the whole of Boomer culture. What! Are the rest of us -- chopped liver!

Even so, the rest of us are just as guilty of making life easier for our kids. So easy in fact, that our Echo-Boomers [sometimes even their  progeny] can't and won't get off the bottom of our shoes.

Is it me, or can anyone else see how each generation's progress just might  be considered -- a tad bit sticky.

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What's So Golden About These Years?

I've been researching the phrase "Golden Years"  looking to find from where this euphemism comes.

Not only have I been looking for this euphemism I've also been looking for some numbers on the different socioeconomic Baby Boomer groups unfortunately, I've not had much luck.

I'm wondering if society thinks all of us Boomers are in the money? And, that we're all living that exciting and exotic empty nest life advertisers and marketers are pushing in magazines and on t.v?  

Here's one example of a survey for marketers I found:
“Decreases in the percentage of families with their own child under 18 at home reflect the aging of the population and changing fertility patterns,” said Rose Kreider, family demographer at the U.S. Census Bureau. “In 2008, not only were baby boomers old enough that most of their children were 18 and over, but they were having fewer kids than their parents, as well.”  READ MORE
Although this may be true, there's more to the story than what's being told.

So, why hasn't the census done a study on those Boomers who DO have children older than 18 living at home?

When I was young the old folks always referred to the "Golden Years"   as the age people become when there are no more children to raise, a nice quiet house to come home to, extended vacations for two, traveling at will, in other words -- all money and time could now be spent on themselves and focusing on their happiness.

Well...HELLO!  Actuality's cold hand just slapped me in the face and made me stupid! This euphemism is a misnomer.  As a matter of fact... it SUCKS!

Since when does gold tarnish or rust and become worthless as teats on a boar hog?  

Yes, Baby Boomers are the be all, end all of consumerism, [some have quite a bit of the green-back in their pockets] but that all depends on which socioeconomic class the baby boomer falls under.

Where does it break down the classes of Baby Boomers? Meaning, where are the statistics gathered on those boomers who have and those of who have not.

Yes, Baby Boomers are the glue of the American economy, but don't fool yourselves, there are those of us who are the "have-nots"

In my experience many Boomers live pay-check to pay-check or are on disability or are unemployed, have boom-busters [grown children] at home. Or, they're caring for someone from the silent generation [parent(s)] so, what's so GOLDEN about that!

There's a large percentage of Boomers who are/were the "working poor"  No, not middle class, those income numbers are misleading too, I'm referring to those who make $40,000 or less, a year. Those boomers who need a 2 person income to comfortably live and put money aside for their future.

We've been over-looked, or out right ignored!

There are those of us who couldn't send our children to college because we didn't have the money or we were informed, by financial aid, that we made too much money for any assistance -- now how's that for a kick in the teeth!

Now do you understand to whom  I'm referring, those of us Boomers who are stuck between the proverbial eco-rock and socio-hard place.

We are the Boomers who still have grown, able bodied, people living in our homes, dipping slippery fingers into our almost empty pockets. These are our Boom-Busters who, from some alternate universe, think that they're too good to work for McDonalds or Burger King or start a lawn business or work more than one job at a time.

Or, we're the Boomer member who takes care of Mom or Dad because everyone else has a more important life and a full plate. There's nothing wrong with taking care of a parent, if it hadn't been for them we wouldn't be here. But, I do have issues with adult children playing with the hole in the bottom of Mom and Dad's pocket, and only contributing more gray hair on our heads.

Is there a higher percentage of Boomers who have grown children [25-35 years or older], elderly parents or are raising grandchildren, in their homes? Are they:

  1. Non-White
  2. On the lower end of the socioeconomic scale
  3. Have some college but never graduated
  4. Are single parents
  5. Live in Urban areas
  6. Work in service related fields
  7. Are non-Professional

So, to all the "Egg-heads," "Number-Crunchers" "Brainiacs," and, "Professionals,"  out there -- where are the stats for this "ACTUALITY?"

Where are the  numbers!

Do You Know What a Baby Boomer Is?

Check out the hair -- do you see a difference? I don't!

From where did the term Baby Boomer come. It's obvious but I want to elaborate more on the subject.

There are different names we Boomers fall under.

Two I've already mentioned but I will write them again  -- "pig in a python" and "a shock wave" Read More

The Baby Boom Generation still has power.

Yes,  don't let anyone fool you. We Boomers are the largest consumer group in America. We're the largest working group in the country.

Yes, we are all that.  We built America. We learned a good solid work ethic from our parents and took that knowledge even further. Some of us are grandparents, but we're not seniors. Some of us still have grown children at home who still tap into our pockets.

We are the activist generation. 

From Baby Boomer Magazine:

Baby Boomers:
• Have more discretionary income (wealth) than any other age group
• Control 70% of the total net worth of American households - $7 trillion of wealth
• Own 80% of all money in savings and loan associations
• Spend more money disproportionately to their numbers
• Are not fanatically loyal to brands
• Watch television more than any other age group
• Read newspapers more than any other age group
• Account for a dramatic 40% of total consumer demand 


We ROCK -- don't let anyone tell you any different.

Where are Boomers Moving

#1  Is Atlanta Georgia [on this list]

I found this article while clicking around cyberspace.

The top 5 best cities for Baby Boomers.

I was surprised. My parents moved to Sun City West Arizona which wasn't mentioned.

AARP's Five Best Cities for Seniors and Baby Boomers in 2007:
  • Atlanta, GA: A sophisticated metropolis with southern charm, Atlanta offers abundant volunteer and cultural opportunities. Older residents don’t care for Atlanta’s sticky-hot summers, but they appreciate the wide range of housing options.
  • Portland, OR: European charm meets environmental nirvana in this environmentally progressive city. Portland’s 50+ residents may not like having 155 days of rain each year, but they love the miles of safe bike lanes and the many charming neighborhoods, including a revitalized Pearl District. Portland also tops the list in another survey, 50 Best Cities for Seniors.
  • Chandler, AZ: Gracious desert living combined with an activist twist that encourages residents to get involved with the spirit of the town. Downsides in Chandler include inadequate public transportation that still makes driving a necessity, but plenty of parks and open space provide ample recreation opportunities.
  • Beacon Hill in Boston, MA: This historically genteel part of Boston is full of culture and great restaurants. Seniors complain about Boston’s cold winters and high housing costs, but the Beacon Hill Village provides aging residents with concierge style access to a network of support services, including transportation, healthcare and entertainment.
  • Milwaukee, WI: An example of urban renewal at its best, Milwaukee features picturesque river walks and affordable waterfront living. Older residents don’t like shoveling snow during those long Wisconsin winters, but they applaud innovative programs in Milwaukee that help retirees stay fit for free and age in place. READ MORE
From what my folks tell me, I'm still to young to move in their gated Arizona community. It seems like most of us boomer are caught between a rock and a hard place -- doesn't it!

Isn't that nice to hear, well... maybe, that I'm too YOUNG!

The Social Security Fight -- PERSEVERE!

They are NOT going to win

You find yourself not to old to be elderly and receiving Social Security Retirement, but you find yourself disabled and unable to work.

What do you do?

You knuckle down and prepare for a battle, that's what you do.

You can and will win -- Perseverance is the key.

90% of Americans who apply for SSDI are turned down the first time they apply. It’s about the same number of people that are turned down the second and third time. Then they’re finally forced to go before a judge to fight their case.

What I want to make clear is this: the Social Security system doesn’t give a rats-ass about any of us.  Yes, I mean the “us” who have paid our hard earned dollars into the system.

When something catastrophic happens [a disabling accident, a chronic disease etc…]  to take us out of the work force, Social Security then becomes our enemy.

They ask all about your medical history and what diagnoses you have. Guess what, it’s all a sham. Social Security doesn't contest what your diagnosis is.

They want to know if you can work.

There was a man who was in the last stages of prostrate cancer. He applied for SSDI and was turned down. The man died before he received a penny of the money he paid into the system. Not a penny of his  money.

The only thing SS cares about is whether you can work or not and why.  It’s simple as that.
SSDI is our money folks. Don’t let their system keep you from getting what’s yours.

It takes years to finally wade through the Social Security bog.

It took me 3 years of not working. I suffered through evictions, utility shut-offs, standing in lines at the food pantry and depending on the kindness of my friends.

My Advice:

1. Persevere — they’re hoping you go away or die.
2. Consistency — keep going to the Doctor. Make sure your Doctor annotates your records about how    your disability is affecting your every day life. Get your Doctor to strongly state that you cannot work.
Make sure all tests and diagnoses are in your records.
a. Tell the Doctor you can’t sit long.
b. Tell the Doctor you can’t stand long.
c. Tell the Doctor you must stop to take frequent naps.
d. Tell the Doctor your boss is threatening to fire you because of your loss of productivity.
e. Tell the Doctor about how you can’t get out of bed.
f.   Explain about your consistent and chronic pain.
3GET A LAWYER — You see them on T.V. advertising. They can help and they do. When you get the lawyer, you won’t have to pay until they win your case. When they win your case their payment is capped at $5,300 [or less].  SSDI will take the lawyers earning right off the top of your back pay.
4.  Call your Congressmen — Some states are worse than others. You made need Congressional help.
5.  Don’t be afraid, demand what’s yours.  When they turn you down a second or third time — APPEAL!

What ever your condition make your Doctor annotate your records. Don’t be afraid to demand help from your Doctor.

If your Doctor is one of those who’s afraid to fight with SS then, find another Doctor who will.

Social Security Disability Insurance is NOT welfare. This is money that was taken out of your paycheck. It belongs to YOU! Don't be afraid to fight for what's yours.

They make it easy to apply, you can do it online or over the phone. Go to ===> SS

Faces of Empty Nesters


Baby Boomers have been called...

...a shock wave and a pig in a python.

Just because of our shear force in numbers when we came into this world after WWII.

And what a force to reckon with we are.

I wanted this blog to be just for us Boomers, us empty nesters. For us ladies and gents who are done raising babies. Maybe some of us are single by choice or not, but this blog is for us and about us.

I've found along my cyberspace travels that there are a ton of blogs for younger women/men who are raising a family. But, I've found nothing or not much for those of us who are past that time of our lives.

We are women and men, we're not quite old enough to be elderly but not young enough to be of the hip generation.

We are aging like fine wine, smooth, with a sensual  bouquet leaving a want for more.

We still have wisdom to offer and comfort to give.

Let's do it here at the BabyBoomer's Nest.