Baby Boomers have been called...

...a shock wave and a pig in a python.

Just because of our shear force in numbers when we came into this world after WWII.

And what a force to reckon with we are.

I wanted this blog to be just for us Boomers, us empty nesters. For us ladies and gents who are done raising babies. Maybe some of us are single by choice or not, but this blog is for us and about us.

I've found along my cyberspace travels that there are a ton of blogs for younger women/men who are raising a family. But, I've found nothing or not much for those of us who are past that time of our lives.

We are women and men, we're not quite old enough to be elderly but not young enough to be of the hip generation.

We are aging like fine wine, smooth, with a sensual  bouquet leaving a want for more.

We still have wisdom to offer and comfort to give.

Let's do it here at the BabyBoomer's Nest.

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