Do You Know What a Baby Boomer Is?

Check out the hair -- do you see a difference? I don't!

From where did the term Baby Boomer come. It's obvious but I want to elaborate more on the subject.

There are different names we Boomers fall under.

Two I've already mentioned but I will write them again  -- "pig in a python" and "a shock wave" Read More

Pig in a Python -- is almost comical. If you think about the analogy you can understand from where it comes. A python swallows its prey whole and has this huge lump in its belly.

Between 1946 and 1964 American demographics seemed like a python that had swallowed a couple of pigs or more. The burst of American births was definitely a shock wave.

Young men returning from WWII duty, came home and started families. It wasn't just the United States that had the boom, Australia and Canada were hit as well.

In the United States 79 million babies were born between 1946 and 1964. This is why it was a boom, a shock wave and yes, pig in a python. READ MORE

It was a very long, long rabbit season.

Now, the brunt of the Baby Boomers are in their late 40s and early 50's. The oldest boomers are in their 60s. We all are thinking about or have retired.

Some of us are grandparents, some of us still have children at home [grown and/or other wise].

Boomers are also known as the activist generation. Woodstock was the beginning of civil protest and causes. Make peace not war and flower power and end the war were boomer mottoes.

In 1968 Baby Boomer protest rocked the world. We were going to be heard and we were.  We rocked back then and still rock now. READ PROTESTS

The older we boomers become the different our protests evolved. Mainly we make our voices heard through the vote and yes, we still march on capitols and paint signs.

Boomers marching with signs

The most popular names during boom time were James and Mary. Now a days some of the names you can't begin to pronounce.

As of 2005 there were 78.2 million of us boomers. READ CENSUS

We are the major source of income. We are the force to be reckoned with.  What happens when we become elderly -- the thought scares me, how about you?

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