The Baby Boom Generation still has power.

Yes,  don't let anyone fool you. We Boomers are the largest consumer group in America. We're the largest working group in the country.

Yes, we are all that.  We built America. We learned a good solid work ethic from our parents and took that knowledge even further. Some of us are grandparents, but we're not seniors. Some of us still have grown children at home who still tap into our pockets.

We are the activist generation. 

From Baby Boomer Magazine:

Baby Boomers:
• Have more discretionary income (wealth) than any other age group
• Control 70% of the total net worth of American households - $7 trillion of wealth
• Own 80% of all money in savings and loan associations
• Spend more money disproportionately to their numbers
• Are not fanatically loyal to brands
• Watch television more than any other age group
• Read newspapers more than any other age group
• Account for a dramatic 40% of total consumer demand 


We ROCK -- don't let anyone tell you any different.

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