The Social Security Fight -- PERSEVERE!

They are NOT going to win

You find yourself not to old to be elderly and receiving Social Security Retirement, but you find yourself disabled and unable to work.

What do you do?

You knuckle down and prepare for a battle, that's what you do.

You can and will win -- Perseverance is the key.

90% of Americans who apply for SSDI are turned down the first time they apply. It’s about the same number of people that are turned down the second and third time. Then they’re finally forced to go before a judge to fight their case.

What I want to make clear is this: the Social Security system doesn’t give a rats-ass about any of us.  Yes, I mean the “us” who have paid our hard earned dollars into the system.

When something catastrophic happens [a disabling accident, a chronic disease etc…]  to take us out of the work force, Social Security then becomes our enemy.

They ask all about your medical history and what diagnoses you have. Guess what, it’s all a sham. Social Security doesn't contest what your diagnosis is.

They want to know if you can work.

There was a man who was in the last stages of prostrate cancer. He applied for SSDI and was turned down. The man died before he received a penny of the money he paid into the system. Not a penny of his  money.

The only thing SS cares about is whether you can work or not and why.  It’s simple as that.
SSDI is our money folks. Don’t let their system keep you from getting what’s yours.

It takes years to finally wade through the Social Security bog.

It took me 3 years of not working. I suffered through evictions, utility shut-offs, standing in lines at the food pantry and depending on the kindness of my friends.

My Advice:

1. Persevere — they’re hoping you go away or die.
2. Consistency — keep going to the Doctor. Make sure your Doctor annotates your records about how    your disability is affecting your every day life. Get your Doctor to strongly state that you cannot work.
Make sure all tests and diagnoses are in your records.
a. Tell the Doctor you can’t sit long.
b. Tell the Doctor you can’t stand long.
c. Tell the Doctor you must stop to take frequent naps.
d. Tell the Doctor your boss is threatening to fire you because of your loss of productivity.
e. Tell the Doctor about how you can’t get out of bed.
f.   Explain about your consistent and chronic pain.
3GET A LAWYER — You see them on T.V. advertising. They can help and they do. When you get the lawyer, you won’t have to pay until they win your case. When they win your case their payment is capped at $5,300 [or less].  SSDI will take the lawyers earning right off the top of your back pay.
4.  Call your Congressmen — Some states are worse than others. You made need Congressional help.
5.  Don’t be afraid, demand what’s yours.  When they turn you down a second or third time — APPEAL!

What ever your condition make your Doctor annotate your records. Don’t be afraid to demand help from your Doctor.

If your Doctor is one of those who’s afraid to fight with SS then, find another Doctor who will.

Social Security Disability Insurance is NOT welfare. This is money that was taken out of your paycheck. It belongs to YOU! Don't be afraid to fight for what's yours.

They make it easy to apply, you can do it online or over the phone. Go to ===> SS

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