What's So Golden About These Years?

I've been researching the phrase "Golden Years"  looking to find from where this euphemism comes.

Not only have I been looking for this euphemism I've also been looking for some numbers on the different socioeconomic Baby Boomer groups unfortunately, I've not had much luck.

I'm wondering if society thinks all of us Boomers are in the money? And, that we're all living that exciting and exotic empty nest life advertisers and marketers are pushing in magazines and on t.v?  

Here's one example of a survey for marketers I found:
“Decreases in the percentage of families with their own child under 18 at home reflect the aging of the population and changing fertility patterns,” said Rose Kreider, family demographer at the U.S. Census Bureau. “In 2008, not only were baby boomers old enough that most of their children were 18 and over, but they were having fewer kids than their parents, as well.”  READ MORE
Although this may be true, there's more to the story than what's being told.

So, why hasn't the census done a study on those Boomers who DO have children older than 18 living at home?

When I was young the old folks always referred to the "Golden Years"   as the age people become when there are no more children to raise, a nice quiet house to come home to, extended vacations for two, traveling at will, in other words -- all money and time could now be spent on themselves and focusing on their happiness.

Well...HELLO!  Actuality's cold hand just slapped me in the face and made me stupid! This euphemism is a misnomer.  As a matter of fact... it SUCKS!

Since when does gold tarnish or rust and become worthless as teats on a boar hog?  

Yes, Baby Boomers are the be all, end all of consumerism, [some have quite a bit of the green-back in their pockets] but that all depends on which socioeconomic class the baby boomer falls under.

Where does it break down the classes of Baby Boomers? Meaning, where are the statistics gathered on those boomers who have and those of who have not.

Yes, Baby Boomers are the glue of the American economy, but don't fool yourselves, there are those of us who are the "have-nots"

In my experience many Boomers live pay-check to pay-check or are on disability or are unemployed, have boom-busters [grown children] at home. Or, they're caring for someone from the silent generation [parent(s)] so, what's so GOLDEN about that!

There's a large percentage of Boomers who are/were the "working poor"  No, not middle class, those income numbers are misleading too, I'm referring to those who make $40,000 or less, a year. Those boomers who need a 2 person income to comfortably live and put money aside for their future.

We've been over-looked, or out right ignored!

There are those of us who couldn't send our children to college because we didn't have the money or we were informed, by financial aid, that we made too much money for any assistance -- now how's that for a kick in the teeth!

Now do you understand to whom  I'm referring, those of us Boomers who are stuck between the proverbial eco-rock and socio-hard place.

We are the Boomers who still have grown, able bodied, people living in our homes, dipping slippery fingers into our almost empty pockets. These are our Boom-Busters who, from some alternate universe, think that they're too good to work for McDonalds or Burger King or start a lawn business or work more than one job at a time.

Or, we're the Boomer member who takes care of Mom or Dad because everyone else has a more important life and a full plate. There's nothing wrong with taking care of a parent, if it hadn't been for them we wouldn't be here. But, I do have issues with adult children playing with the hole in the bottom of Mom and Dad's pocket, and only contributing more gray hair on our heads.

Is there a higher percentage of Boomers who have grown children [25-35 years or older], elderly parents or are raising grandchildren, in their homes? Are they:

  1. Non-White
  2. On the lower end of the socioeconomic scale
  3. Have some college but never graduated
  4. Are single parents
  5. Live in Urban areas
  6. Work in service related fields
  7. Are non-Professional

So, to all the "Egg-heads," "Number-Crunchers" "Brainiacs," and, "Professionals,"  out there -- where are the stats for this "ACTUALITY?"

Where are the  numbers!

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